Why Women in Business are Trading in Expensive Websites for a Mini-Version with Endless Possibilities

True or false: A small business needs a website to drive business in today’s digital world. 

Answer: True and false. Here’s why….

True because your business needs a landing page; a site where your customers can explore, shop, purchase and connect with you.

False because a traditional, expensive website is no longer needed to achieve all of the above.

Say goodbye to traditional websites that cost thousands of dollars & precious time for someone else (or you) to create. Oh, and don’t forget about the confusion involved when most of us aren’t tech savvy enough to make updates or edits to that same website. It’s beyond frustrating and sucking up time that we could be putting into mre income-producing activities.

Say hello to the link-in-bio, also known as a mini-website. The easy-to-edit version that is nimble and easy to use as your business evolves.  

This link-in-bio isn’t just for selling. Nope, just think of this more as a marketing platform that has endless uses. 

There are truly endless uses for a powerful and results-driven bio link. Here are just a few  ways to use your one simple link:

  •  a link in bio that helps you stand apart while selling online
  •  a team training page where each link can include a key guide, document or video for your onboarding process to become seamless 
  • transform your link into a virtual event that allows your guests to skim, scroll and save in minutes from their phones. 
  • host fundraisers
  • showcase your most recent listings, top sellers, demo videos AND even generate leads

Yep, an innovative bio link should allow you endless possibilities. You should be able to collect emails, phone numbers and interact with your visitors easily. 

So whattaya say?? Ready to create your own mini-website/bio link/marketing platform with endless possibilities? There are plenty of options on the market today, but only one that’s created by women, for women and gives back to women. Only one that makes selling online simple. Only one that allows you to showcase all of you on one gorgeous platform. Check out BossLady Bio to start free today.

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BossLady Bio

BossLady Bio was designed to simplify business for busy women everywhere. We are more affordable than a traditional website; but more beautiful and innovative than the first generation of link-in-bio tools.


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