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Hire a Bio Builder to Help You

Your business is fast moving and ever changing, which means your content and links need to be nimble. Save time and let us build your bio for you!

why you need


Stand Apart

Give customers a clear understanding of WHY and WHAT you do quickly. Your bio captivates them and allows you to organize exactly how you showcase it all. Let your individuality shine through.

Link Everything

Expedite the check-out process for your customers by illuminating a clear path that shows them exactly HOW to find what they want or need from you in one tap.

Powerfully Simple

Made for busy, multi-facted women. It’s custom, stylish and expert designed. You’ll find it easy to edit, mobile friendly and a powerful tool that serves your customers!

Why hire a bio builder?

BossLady Bio Builders help you identify your target audience and establish marketing strategies that result in a show-stopping bio. Your experience will be professional, polished and profound every step of the way.

Save Time

Spend time building your business and let a Bio Builder put their skill to work.

Get Experience

Bio Builders can help you create a BossLady Bio to fit your needs. 

Get Results

Hire a Bio Builder to design a beautiful bio that gets results.

Here’s how we can work together

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Begin your journey by subscribing to a Pro Link. This subscription gives you access to exclusive features designed to enhance your professional image and ensure you look and feel like a pro!

Hire a Bio Builder

Choose the package that best suits your needs. Each package is designed to offer distinct benefits, whether you’re a seasoned executive or a budding professional our expert bio builders are ready to showcase your unique professional story.

Launch Your Bio

Once your custom link is completed, let the fun begin! It’s time to boldly and confidently begin marketing yourself! Your link will give you the chance to share all that you have to offer in one place attracting more followers and converting them to customers!

Imagine If..


You knew how to direct your audience to exactly what they need most


You had trouble coming up with the right words to brand yourself


You felt confident and excited to share all about you


You felt more connected to your customers


You just needed help to build your bio

We’ve got the perfect solution: 

Simplify your life and achieve your business goals using BossLady Bio and our certified Bio Builder to help you get started.

"BossLady Bio is a true game changer for my sales/ marketing business!"

“This tool is easy to use, it’s beautiful, and most importantly it has enabled me to grow my e-commerce business connections. My amazing Bio Builder, created my Bio quickly and efficiently and has been a true joy to work with! Her industry experience is second to none and she will create the PERFECT BossLady Bio tailored to your business needs!”


Maryann Korth
Scout & Cellar

"Stefany brings the most awesome energy!"

The BLB link helps me stand out, and increases my brand authority/credibility to show people who I am without having to scroll for hours trying to figure it out through social media.”


Tammy Napoli

Hire a Bio Builder

Pick a Package to Get Started


$ 99

  • A video reveiw will be sent within 24 biz hours of purchase offering tips and expert guidance to set your bio up for success.


$ 399

  • Collaborate with a Bio Builder to clarify your business goals during a 30 min strategy session.
  • Bio will be built for you and delivered promptly.


$ 699

  • Collaborate with a Bio Builder to clarify your business goals during a 60 min strategy session.
  • Bio will be done for you and delivered promptly with guidance on how to make your make work for you.
  • Receive 5 Day Launch Plan & Non-Salesy Guide free.
  • Bio Builder will review bio 3 months after delivered offering tips, advice and analtyic strategy.

Unlock the Power of a Professional Link

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Have questions about how a bio builder can elevate your professional presence? Whether you’re curious about the process, need advice on the best package for your needs, or want to understand how it works, we’re here to help. Schedule a free consultation with one of our sales experts. No commitment, just clarity.

questions before you commit?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a Bio Builder?

Hiring a Bio Builder allows you great confidence as you launch your best bio. Having an expert who specializes in social media marketing and design will give you the most professional bio possible. 

What should I prepare before meeting with my certified bio builder?

Great question! If you have your top three business goals written down, that will give us a good guide towards what your bio should represent when completed! Afterall, we want your authentic self to shine through in every aspect of your bio!

If I have a free version of BossLady Bio, can I hire a Bio Builder?

To optimize your bio builder experience, your use of a Pro Version BossLady Bio will be necessary. It’s an easy upgrade. Simply login to your free account, follow the prompts and you’ll be on the road to an upgraded bio with show-stopping features.

Our Company

BossLady Bio was designed to simplify business for busy women everywhere. BLB is simpler and cheaper than an old school website, but more beautiful and innovative than the first generation of link-in-bio tools. We are leveling up businesses across the world, one bio at a time!