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Boss Up Your Quick Click Events Link

A Quick Click Event (QCE) is a modern & simple way to transform your BossLady Bio link into an easy way to host your virtual business events. The best part is that you can use your Quick Click Event link over and over in multiple ways. They are easy to edit, easy to share and easy to create!

Quick Click Events are re-energizing and empowering business owners everywhere! Follow along as we walk you through the important elements to create your link!

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What Makes Your Link Unique

There are THREE key components of QCE’s that truly make them unique:

Live Event Link

Simply send your event link to guests via text, email or social media. This live link gives them an easy way to conveniently and virtually attend your event on their terms.

Simple & Fun

The format is easy to navigate for your guests. We suggest keeping your event interactive, engaging and relevant only to the products/services that will benefit them. Less is more!

Creates Urgency

You determine how long your event is link is live, which immediately creates urgency. You can easily make guests feel part of an exclusive offer and part of an interactive event.

Want to Level Up Your Event?

Grab our Quick Click Events Guide for example invite language AND our event planning checklist!



Make a Strong First Impression
In this first section, start with a great introduction that welcomes your guests, review the details of the event AND be sure to include a clear call to action. This will set the tone for the entire event.

*PRO OR ELITE USERS: Use your IntroClip Video to greet guests. Just like any host, make sure your video greeting is warm, high energy, inviting and informative. Let them know you’re glad they are there! Explain WHO this event is for and HOW they can benefit. Direct them to your ‘hot button’ as their first step.

*Your Hot Button will also appear at the bottom of your Intro Clip Video for easy access.


Social Proof

This is Your Third Party Validation
Get creative and share something that will leave a lasting impression. Use this section to add to the many reasons why your guests will want to purchase. (Examples include a testimonial, a press release, real results, customer reviews, etc.)

*Section available to paid subscribers only. Upgrade today.


Virtual Biz Card

Connect Easily with Your Guests
This is your Virtual Business Card section. People can tap here to immediately save your contact info to their phone! Upload your favorite profile photo here or your logo. Add your social media accounts making it easy for your visitors to find you.

*Section available to paid subscribers only. Upgrade today.

Ready for the most exciting part?

It’s time to announce your event and start inviting! Here’s one example of invite language:

“Hi [insert name], got 5 mins? I’ve created a quick shopping event with some big savings! No obligation, no FB, no Zoom. This is just a quick way for you to learn more about our products and save big. Special discounts end [XX] at [XX]. Just click the link to get started and let me know how I can help! I will check back in on the last day to see if you have questions before it closes!”

Want more tips for a super successful event? Grab our Quick Click Events Guide now.

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