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Why Every Social Seller Should Use A Link-In-Bio vs. Relying Solely On Their Company’s Website

April 18, 2022

Do you ever wish you could somehow distinguish yourself from the endless others selling the same products or services as you? 

If you answered yes, a link-in-bio is essential for you to set yourself apart AND reach new audiences as you grow your business.

When scrolling through social media, your potential customers will click your link-in-bio to learn about you quickly. This is a priceless opportunity for you to grab their attention and create an immediate connection. Afterall, people are more likely to purchase from you when they can relate to you in some way, shape or form. 

Your link-in-bio is exactly where potential customers make a first impression of you. 

This is where you have the ability to showcase all that you offer in one place, including both your professional and personal interests. Simply put– a bio link allows you to display everything about you that makes you unique.

Your company’s website is a wonderful asset, but think of it more as a transactional and visual tool. Ideally, your customers should only be on your website during the quick check-out process after you’ve recommended the best product or service for them. Avoid having your customers searching around, getting lost and aimlessly navigating your company’s website. This can lead to a lost sale. 

So, go create your very own link-in-bio and place the clickable link into your profile.  Be sure to direct your traffic back to it for best results. Give yourself a major advantage in reaching new customers today.


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