How to Sell Online – Top Strategies to Be A Successful Social Seller

How to Sell Online

It’s no secret that every social seller seems to be on a constantly-evolving search for the next best approach to use to increase their online engagement, build their brand awareness and to convert followers into customers. 

But, the greatest revelation is that a very simple system used consistently beats out every other approach. So, say goodbye to feeling like you have to try the ‘new idea of the week’ according to the online “experts”, which almost always ends in exhaustion and very little results and still no idea how to sell online. 

Stick to this simple approach. Commit to using it during every Instagram post, story or reel. Track your progress and get ready to feel confident and organized in business!



Non-Salesy Social Selling Strategy:

  • Hook Your Audience
  • Direct Traffic to Your Bio Link
  • Make the Sale

Create fun and engaging content to hook your audience. A great hook is something that slows someone’s scroll, draws them in and grabs their attention. Give them a simple teaser of information and leave them wanting more information. Creative hooks can include:

  • Asking a question
  • Sharing an interesting stat
  • Starting your post with a bold or vulnerable opinion
  • Making a special/exclusive announcement 
  • Telling a humorous story or joke

Once you hook your audience, the next step is to very clearly direct them to your link-in-bio. Your bio link is where you greet them with a full display of who you are, why you do what you do, and what you’re offering. This is where everything that makes you unique is center stage! Your bio link should be easy to navigate and a place to find more information they are hungry for after you “hooked” them in. 

The last step of your non-salesy approach is to make the sale. This doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply add an eye-catching offer that’s irresistible. Make it jump-out as visitors scroll through your link-in-bio and ideally use it as a lead magnet. This can simply mean that once the person clicks and takes advantage of your offer, they will need to leave their email or phone number for you to follow-up with them in a timely manner. 

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