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Getting Started

What is BossLady Bio?

BossLady Bio is an easy-to-use web app that turns the link in your social media bios or on your business card into a powerful link-in-bio tool. It takes only a few minutes to set up and you can use your BossLady Bio link across ALL of your social media accounts…and everywhere else you’d share a website link!

BossLady Bio helps you organize your content and links, show up like a professional, grow your audience, and turn fans into customers.

How much does it cost?

The Basic plan of BossLady Bio is…free forever! The Pro plan is $11.99 per month (with a discount available on the annual subscription).

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can pay for your Pro subscription with a credit card or PayPal.

Billing & Accounts

Refund Policy:
Cancellations. If you cancel your Paid Plan, your Paid Plan will continue until the end of the current billing cycle and at the end of that billing cycle, your Paid Plan will automatically convert to a Free Plan.
Refunds. We understand that sometimes circumstances change. If you have selected a Paid Plan, but then cancel the Paid Plan within 72 hours after accepting the terms of service: 
1. For monthly plans, we will provide a full refund of that month’s charges upon request*; and your Paid Plan will end once the refund is processed and your account will convert to a Free Plan immediately.  
2. For annual plans, we will provide a refund of the equivalent of 11 months worth of the annual charges you paid up front upon request*; and your Paid Plan will end once the refund is processed and your account will convert to a Free Plan immediately. 
* Request a refund by emailing
Account Deletion. If you no longer want to use a Free Plan and would like your account deleted permanently, you can do this on your ‘My Account’ page. You should note though that if you do this, you will not be able to reactivate your account and will not be able to retrieve any of the Content or information you have added
We can cancel or suspend your plan at any time: Please note that these terms of service allow us to suspend or cancel your Free Plan or Paid Plan in certain circumstances. Also, if we do not receive payment for your Paid Plan, we reserve the right to cancel your Paid Plan.
How do I cancel my subscription?

Login to your BossLady Bio, from your account Dashboard, click “Change My Plan”

Paying Annually: If you are enrolled in the Pro plan, paying annually, you will see the screen below. Select the Downgrade my Pro Account button. You will now be enrolled in the free Basic subscription plan. If you want to continue and delete your account, then skip to the Basic Subscription Steps below to delete the account. If you downgrade from Pro to Basic, your content will be saved for the remainder of your paid term. So, if you decide you want to upgrade again all of your content will be loaded back to your account.

Please note: You will not be refunded for canceling your Pro account if canceled outside the refund policy term limit.

Paying Monthly: If you are enrolled in the Pro plan, paying monthly, you will see the screen below. Select the Downgrade my Pro Account button. You will now be enrolled in the free Basic subscription plan. If you want to continue and delete your account, then skip to the Basic Subscription Steps below to delete the account. 

Please note: If you downgrade from Pro to Basic, your content will be saved for the remainder of your paid term. So, if you decide you want to upgrade during that time all of your content will be loaded back to your account.

If you are enrolled in the Basic plan, you will see the screen below. Select Delete My Account and follow the next steps to confirm that you want to delete your account. Please note: If you delete your account, all of your content will be deleted and unretrievable.

How do I change my plan?

Login to your BossLady Bio and from your account Dashboard, click Change My Plan.

If you are using the free Basic plan, you will see the screen below. Just click Upgrade to Pro, and you will then be taken to the checkout page to choose a payment plan. You can select to pay monthly or annually.

If you have a Pro monthly plan and want to update your plan to pay annually, you will see the screen below. Just click Switch to Annual and follow the steps.

If you have the Pro plan and want to downgrade to the free Basic plan. You will see the screen below. Click Downgrade my Pro Account and follow the steps.

Please note: If you downgrade from Pro to Basic, your content will be saved for the remainder of your paid term. If you decide you want to upgrade your account during that time all of your content will be retrieved.

Usage & Tips

Where can I use my BossLady Bio website?

You can share your BossLady Bio link anywhere you’d share a website link. Use it as the link in your social media bios or on your business card

What is a carousel?

BossLady Bio Pro subscription includes a carousel that allows you to add up to 3 cards. This section allows you to mix business with pleasure, by including your personal areas of interest. Your carousel can highlight an eye-catching offer, to get more clicks and turn visitors into clients; and adding content and an image will grab visitor’s attention. For more inspiration, click here.

The order of the carousels can be rearranged as needed, when editing.

How do I add a video to my IntroClip?

To add a video, you can login to your BossLady Bio, click “Edit Your Bio” then click on the pink icon located near the play button.

This will open up the editor for you to upload a video clip from your phone or computer. When you choose a file, it is set to accept .mpg, .mpeg, .mp4, and .mov formats. 

We recommend you keep the video length to no more than 10-15 seconds to keep your followers attention. This video is a way for you to introduce yourself with a short message; so don’t overthink it…just have fun and be you!

How do I add a Canva link to my BossLady Bio?

This is such a great question and we have made it super easy for you to know just how to do that! Click this link as we have put together an easy to follow video, walking you through all of the steps. Now, all you have to do is embed your Canva link into your button URL. Then if you need to make changes to the original Canva file…just login to Canva, edit the file you have linked to your BossLady Bio and the changes will upload to your bio automatically.

If I already have a website, how will this website help me expand my business?

Already have a website? That’s great! 

BossLady Bio will complement your current website making it not only easier for you to make changes to your content and links, but also for your followers to quickly find things that are important to see. Your BossLady Bio is like the “cover page” to your website highlighting your best links and timely content in a way that’s attractive and compelling.

Is there an app that I can download and use on my phone?

Not exactly…BossLady Bio is a web-based application; it does not have an iOS or Android app. Since it’s web-based, you can access it and edit your bio from any web browser from your computer, tablet, or phone.

Helpful Tip: Like the ease of tapping an app on your phone to see your bio and login? Click here to see how to make your BossLady Bio work like an  app on your phone!

Can I change my username?

Yes! We’d be happy to change your username as long as the one you are requesting is available. The username is part of your BossLady URL,

Submit a ticket here and select “Change Username”.

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes, great question. If you own your domain through Google Domains, you can purchase our BossLady Bio domain service for $99 and we can point your BossLady Bio over to your domain address. This won’t affect your domain or website, but you’ll be able to manage your bio within our web-app and use your own domain, such as

If you are interested in this service. You may submit a ticket and indicate “Would like to use my personal domain for my URL” on the form. Our support team will contact you, to get the process started.

Can I change my URL from to

Yes, you sure can! All you have to do is login to your BossLady Bio and from your account Dashboard, click Account Details.

Then scroll to the bottom of the page till you see the question below and select from the drop down menu which domain you would like to use for your profile link.


How do I get a badge assigned to my profile?

BossLady Bio currently has two badges available to select groups of people.


Founding Connector: The Founding Connector badge was awarded to the first tier of BossLady Bio users during our initial product launch. This badge was only available to our founding connectors for a limited time.

Woman-Owned Business: The Woman-Owned Business badge is available to users who select “Do you identify as a woman-owned business?” during the sign-up process.

*You can turn the Woman-Owned badge on or off in your dashboard by clicking “Account Details” and scrolling down to the question “Do you qualify as a Woman-Owned business?” and changing your answer to no. This will remove the Woman-Owned Business badge from your profile; and selecting yes, will display it.

How do I remove a badge from my profile?

You can remove badges from within your dashboard by clicking “Account Details” and scrolling down to the question and changing your answer to “No”. This will remove the Woman-Owned Business Badge.

*If you have the “Founding Connector” badge and would like it turned off, please submit a ticket and select “Remove a badge from my profile”.

Referral Program

How do I refer a friend to BossLady Bio?

Login to your BossLady Bio Account, on your account dashboard you’ll see your Referral Link that you can share with anyone!

Then when they click on that link, it will direct them to the BossLady Bio home page. They will click Sign Up, select their plan, and when they checkout you’ll get the credit as the one who referred them. (See example below)

*If they don’t click on your link, they can still enter your name when checking out and you’ll get credit.

For more about the Refer & Earn program, click on Refer & Earn from your account dashboard.

How do I give credit to the user who referred me?

If you were referred by a BossLady Bio user, you can either click on their Referral Link if they sent you one or search for their name in the box below when you check out.

By entering their name, this will not only give them the credit for referring us to you, but you’ll also be linked to that person in the Empowered Connections Spotlight (the Connections Spotlight is located in the footer of each bio).

This spotlight will feature their photo and profile link as a connection. If you don’t enter a Refferal Code, the spotlight defaults to Mission Entrepreneur.

What if I forgot to use a Referral Code when I signed up?

No problem! We’d be happy to get you connected to another BossLady. Just submit a ticket here and select “Add a Referral Code to my bio” and tell us which BossLady you would like for us to display in your footer.


Can I make changes to my BossLady Bio after it’s published?

Yes! While you cannot change your username directly in your dashboard (you’ll need to submit a support ticket), you can edit any of your content at any time by just logging into your account and clicking the “Edit your bio” button. 

You can login to your account from the BossLady Bio home page or if you click the BossLady Bio logo in your bio footer.

>>Login access via the header on

>>Login access via the logo in your Bio footer

I am having trouble uploading my IntroClip Video?

We are sorry for this inconvenience. Just a couple things to check on your video…

  1. Make sure the file format is .mpg, .mpeg, mp4, or .mov
  2. Check to make sure your file size is under 19mb.

If the above requirements are met for your video and you are still experiencing issues, please submit a ticket here.

Please Note:

  1. If you are recording your video from your desktop and using QuickTime Player this could increase the file size of your video.
  2. If you continue to get the error that the file size is too big on a video that is under 20 secs and recorded on your phone, check your “record video” settings. Most phones record video default settings is 1080p, so if yours is set to anything higher this can increase your file size and the video will need to be compressed before it can be uploaded.
  3. If you use any video editing apps or software to edit your video this may increase your file size.

4. If your video is under 20 seconds, but still too large in file size, try compressing it with tools like Video Compressor using settings similar to these:

Can I add a PDF document to a link?

Yes! However, BossLady Bio does not currently offer file storage within your BossLady Bio. You’ll need to convert the PDF to a URL and add that link to any of the buttons URL. 

A couple suggestions on how to do that: If you have a Dropbox or Google Drive account you can link directly to your saved files. You can also use alternative file-sharing platforms such as We-Transfer. You will need to add your file to these file sharing platforms first, before adding it to your BossLady Bio links.

To add the URL link to your BossLady Bio, follow these instructions: 

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click the Edit Icon next to the link you want to add the PDF URL
  3. Add a title to your button/link
  4. Paste the shareable URL from your file sharing platform

If you are familiar with Canva, you can also use Canva by following the instructions below.

  1. Log into your Canva account
  2. Click “Create a Design”
  3. Choose the design layout you would like to use for your PDF file
  4. Add your PDF into the Canva doc
  5. Once finished, click on the 3 dots that you see below in Canva (usually located in the upper right hand corner)
  6. Then click “Embed” 
  7. Copy the “Smart Embed Link” 
  8. Paste that link into BossLady Bio URL link and you’re done

The best part is…if you ever need to edit this PDF, all you have to do is login to your Canva, find that document, edit it within Canva and all the changes will be saved in that embedded link and you don’t have to paste a new link in your BossLady Bio!

Analytics Chart Explainer

Lifetime Analytics

This block shows your total Views, Engagements/Clicks, and Click Through Rate (CTR). This is from the time your BossLady Bio account was set up through today. 

Your Top 10 Button Links

This shows which links (from the time you set up your account) have the highest clicks. It will include all of your unlimited links as well as your hot button and featured product buttons, if you have the Pro plan. 

Filter Your Date Range Totals 

The filter your date range selector allows you to choose a certain date range so that you can analyze your BossLady Bio performance around the dates you’ve filtered. 

Your Current Button Links

This shows you how many clicks you have on all of your current buttons that are live on your BossLady Bio. It will only list buttons that have more than one click. 

You’re Popular In

This section shows your total visitors per country, narrowing down to the specific locations in each country that your visitor was in when they visited your BossLady Bio.

The texting button link isn't working?

If someone is clicking your link to text button and receives the prompt “Please [call]/[text] me now at 800-555-1234″ this does not mean that your link isn’t working. 

Some browsers don’t support this feature, so if your followers click on the button in one of those browsers, they will just be prompted to either call or text you and your phone number will be listed.

Can I add my phone number to a link?

Yes! You can add your number to any of the button links to allow a follower to either text or call you. Click here to learn how.

Important: Some browsers don’t support this feature (desktop & mobile), so if your followers click on the button in one of those browsers, they will be prompted to either call or text you and your phone number will be listed. This doesn’t mean that the link isn’t working, it is just that the browser your followers are on won’t allow the feature to open the text message app to send you a text. If they are on a desktop, their browser and system will need to support the text feature for it to work properly.

I am not receiving the forgotten password email?

We can’t guarantee our password reset emails will always reach your inbox (or even your spam folder depending on your mail provider). Check your spam, junk and newsletter folders for a message from first. If you’re still having trouble, you can contact us to request a manual password reset.

I couldn’t find where to add the coupon code, can I still receive the discount?

Unfortunately, promo codes or discounts can’t be added after the order has been processed. In order to receive the discount, promo codes need to be added during the checkout process. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

How Do I Get Support?

We offer support through our website, FAQ/Help Center, chatbot, email, social media, and directly through our training workshops. Should you find that your questions or concerns are not being resolved, please feel free to contact us directly at

Can you help me with my, tricks, etc.

Yes, we love helping our BossLadies get their bio all set up! We offer workshops monthly to help you get your bio built. You can catch the recording of our workshop here or you can click here to register for the next workshop.

I can’t edit my Bio or I’m receiving an error:

System updates occur regularly between the different browsers, devices, or services being used by our customers. These updates can cause a temporary glitch when editing your bio. If you are trying to edit your bio and are unable to click on an item, or receive an error message, please follow the steps provided here.

Trainings & Workshops

Do you provide training or workshops?

Great question, yes we do! If you would like to check to see when our next workshop is, you can click here to view the dates and register. If you can’t attend the live workshop, make sure you’re registered to receive our replay. 

If you would like to request BossLady Bio to present/train a team that you lead, you can click here to request a training.

Are your monthly workshops recorded?

Absolutely, we will always record our workshops and send a replay link to all registered participants within 24-48 hours of the live broadcast!

Just make sure that you click here to register for the workshop so that the replay can be emailed to you when it is ready!

*If you don’t see the replay link in your inbox, we encourage you to check your spam folder and if it’s still not found, please feel free to contact our Customer Support.

Bio Builder Program

What is a Bio Builder?

BossLady Bio Builders help you identify your target audience and establish marketing strategies that result in a show-stopping bio. Your experience will be professional, polished and profound every step of the way.

BossLady Bio Builders are trained third-party social media managers and designers. Chosen for their quality of work and expertise, our Builders can help you polish your existing mini-website, or build a new one from scratch. Still trying to get clear on your online marketing? An expert can work with you to turn your overwhelm into an action plan.

For more information or to get started with a Bio Builder, please click here.

Why should I hire a Bio Builder?

Hiring a Bio Builder allows you great confidence as you launch your best bio. Having an expert who specializes in social media marketing and design will give you the most professional bio possible.

Will I need to be tech savvy to build a successful bio link?

Absolutely not! BossLady Bio is a business tool designed for all tech levels, ages, industries etc. Our passion is to help everyone build a successful bio and grow their business.

Get a monthly dose of inspiration, stories and tips by subscribing to our BossLady + You Newsletter

Our Company

BossLady Bio was designed to simplify business for busy women everywhere. BLB is simpler, cheaper than an old school website, but more beautiful and innovative than the first generation of link-in-bio tools. We are leveling up businesses across the world, one bio at a time!