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So, tell me…

  • Are you trying to stand out from the crowd in a sea of competition?
  • Do you feel like you’re wasting too much time on social media?
  • Wish you could customize your company website?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with too many social media tools?

If you’re nodding your head, then YOU are the perfect candidate for BossLady Bio!

It’s the hottest tool for direct sellers and teams!

BossLady Bio is a brand new way to transform the link in your social media bio into a mini-site that’s popping with personality and flair.

Go from a generic link to a “Wow, how did she do that?” mini-site.

Not only can BossLady Bio help bring your unique personality into your social media, it can also help you convert browsers who just click around into customers! How?

Your personalized BossLady Bio helps you communicate to people directly who you are and what you have to offer without them having to read between the lines on a generic corporate website.

Need easier onboarding for new team members?

When new people join your team, use a BossLady Bio to connect them to easy-to-follow step-by-step guidance such as links to training videos, frequently asked questions, upcoming Zoom meetings, product launches, announcements, and more!

Get our printable worksheet to help you Boss Up your bio.

IntroClip Video

Capture people’s attention with a 10-second video. Introduce yourself, explain what you do, and WOW them!


 Get more leads and appointments by making it easy for people to call or email you with a quick tap. 

Featured Images

Grab your reader’s attention with an eye-catching image of your favorite or most popular products.

Virtual Biz Card

Choose from sleek and modern designs for your virtual business card in every BossLady Bio template. 

It’s time to kick your business into a new gear and bring in customers.

BossLady Bio will help you promote:

    • Upcoming events
    • New product drops
    • New collections
    • Sales and promotions
    • Hottest trends of the month
    • Testimonials from happy customers
    • Team resources

Show Your Personality

BossLady Bio solves Instagram’s only-one-link problem. Your content will be easy to read and look professional. Most importantly, your new bio helps you give reasons for someone to click over to your ecommerce shop and buy.

Get Inspired

You can get creative with your mini-site.  Browse through our examples to find inspiration for how other Boss Ladies in different direct selling companies are using their bio to build thier business and brand. 

Share Your Team Resources

We will help your team combat the overwhelming experience of social media and give them easy-to-follow step-by-step guidance on how YOU want them to proceed once they join your team.

Empowered Connections Spotlight

Quickly build your social media community with your bio’s Empowered Connections Spotlight. When people sign up with your Connection Code (AKA your username), you’ll be featured at the bottom of their bio. This is a powerful way to get your name and business out there!

“My favorite feature is that once someone uses a friend’s Connection Code, you can immediately see who empowered you at the bottom, like a “pay it forward” token! It’s really special!” – Kristin U.



BossUp Your Bio Worksheet


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