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We feel you . . . growing a business can be rough. What does Link in Bio mean for your business?

You’re trying to get your business in front of the right people, use your time on social media effectively, and make more sales. That’s why we created a tool to help you get more clicks and more customers! 

BossLady Bio is a gamechanging Link in Bio tool.

But you may be wondering what a Link in Bio is and how it can make all your efforts on social media finally pay off. In this short article, we’ll show you exactly how to leverage your social media bio link and make your bio work for you with the hottest new tool that connects all your products, services, and content with just click.

Key points

  • You can only share one link in your Instagram profileon your bio
  • A Link in Bio tool lets you store and share all your links in one easy-to-find place  
  • BossLady Bio is a free Link in Bio tool that you can use on your Instagram and Instagram Stories, Facebook, LinkedIn, and everywhere else!


What does Link in Bio mean?

Have an Instagram account? Then you already have a place to put a link—in a field under your bio. It’s referred to as your bio link.

(show BossLady Bio instagram profile with link highlighted – pretty than this screenshot!)

You can update your link as often as you’d like, but the problem is that you only share ONE link in your bio. 

You also can’t paste clickable links into your comments or even your posts. Selling products, sharing videos, offering samples? You can only send people to that one link sitting in your bio.

And that can be pretty frustrating for you and for people trying to buy from you.

If you’re a multi-faceted entrepreneur, having only one link is holding you back.

So instead of using their bio link for just a single product or sending people to their corporate web page, business owners are turning to Link in Bio tools to share more resources at one time.

What’s a Link in Bio?

A Link in Bio is a software tool that turns a single link into a list of clickable links. So what does Link in Bio mean to you?

(show 2-3 BLB bios side by side to show a list of different CTAs)

When your audience clicks your BossLady Link in Bio, they are greeted by the full picture of who you are, why you do what you do, and what you’re offering.

It helps you stand out, get found, and make sales.  

Can I only use it on Instagram?

The short answer is no! You can share it everywhere.

Share your BossLady Bio Link on different platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, and any others that you might use.You can use your new Link in Bio everywhere even on your business card!

Direct sellers, bloggers, podcasters, real estate agentsthe list goes onLOVE how it transforms their social media efforts by making their content pop!

Make Sales From Your Instagram Stories

The *new* Sticker Link is here. Leverage this new link feature by adding a “link sticker” to every story.

Can Kara insert a short tutorial here?

Get traction with your social media and start generating income from your Instagram Stories. Give people the perfect Call-to-Action! Link your BossLady Bio and show off your entire “menu” of products and promotions.

Check It Out!

BossLady Bio’s Link in Bio is a gamechanger.

It’s free and you can start sharing your new link in minutes. (If you want to level up your marketing with more features and analytics, you can upgrade to Pro for less than $10 a month.)

Discover for yourself why direct sellers, realtors, bloggers, stylists, photographers, and entrepreneurs are raving about it! Learn more.